Based in Scottsdale, Arizona and founded in January 2018, The Bookend is a small independent, online used bookstore with an emphasis on literary fiction, classics, and philosophy and theology.  Click on the "Books" link above to view the other various subgenres of each category.

The Bookend is constantly updating its inventory, 19% of which is currently available for sale online.  However, this figure will change relative to the growth of inventory and the number of books that are added every week, so be sure to visit the website often in case you find something that piques your curiosity.

Mission Statement

The primary aim of The Bookend is to enrich, educate and entertain the lives of people through reading books, a rare act these days that can improve your mental and physical health in a variety of beneficial ways.

Another aim of The Bookend is to conduct business in an environment-friendly and economically efficient manner.  Not only will buying books secondhand cost less than purchasing the same items new, it reduces pollution, saves energy and the raw materials that would have been necessary for manufacturing and transporting the same items.    

A final and equally important goal is to encourage people to support small, truly independent businesses (like The Bookend) whose sole aim isn't merely to maximize profit or dominate the market, unlike many juggernaut companies in a predominantly homogenized corporate world. When you shop at The Bookend, you preserve authentic entrepreneurship. 

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