Feminism and Art History: Questioning the Litany

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Very Good
Paperback, 358 pages
Westview Press, 1982
First Edition, Twenty-second Printing

A long-needed corrective and alternative view of Western art history, these seventeen essays by respected scholars are arranged chronologically and cover every major period from the ancient Egyptian to the present. While several of the essays deal with major women artists, the book is essentially about Western art history and the extent to which it has been distorted, in every period, by sexual bias. With 306 illustrations.

About the Author

A pioneering feminist scholar and specialist in nineteenth-century French and Italian painting, Norma Broude is known for critical reassessments of Impressionism and the work of Degas, Caillebotte, Cassatt, Seurat, and the Italian Macchiaioli. With Mary Garrard, she co-edited and contributed to four influential texts on feminist art history, co-curated the exhibition Claiming Space: Some American Feminist Originators for the AU Art Museum, and received an Art History Recognition Award from the Women’s Committee of the College Art Association. Broude is the author of The Macchiaioli: Italian Painters of the Nineteenth Century and Impressionism, A Feminist Reading: The Gendering of Art, Science, and Nature in the Nineteenth Century. Among her edited books are World Impressionism: The International Movement; Gustave Caillebotte and the Fashioning of Identity in Impressionist Paris; and Gauguin's Challenge: New Perspectives after Postmodernism. She has served as General Editor of The Rizzoli Art Series and as a member of the CAA’s Art Bulletin Advisory Committee.

Best known for her groundbreaking feminist scholarship, Garrard has drawn on feminist theory and activism to illuminate and reinterpret art of the Italian Renaissance-Baroque period. Her publications include two books and other writings on Artemisia Gentileschi, work that pioneered modern scholarship on a major 17th century Italian artist; and her most recent book, Brunelleschi’s Egg: Nature, Art and Gender in Renaissance Italy (2010). With Norma Broude, she co-edited four books on feminism and art history that have become basic texts in American universities; and co-curated the recent exhibition Claiming Space: Some American Feminist Originators for the AU Museum, Katzen Arts Center. Garrard has lectured extensively on Renaissance art, feminist art, and feminist issues in universities, colleges and museums across the country. She was one of the leaders of the feminist movement in art professions, and was the second national President of Women's Caucus for Art.