Introducing Theologies of Religions

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Paperback, 256 pages
Orbis Books, 2004
First Edition, Fourth Printing

An up-to-date and comprehensive study of every major position taken by Christian churches and theologians on world religions and religious pluralism.  This volume shares insights into the positions of writers concerned with understanding Christianity among the world's great religious traditions. Avoiding tired labels of past debates (Exclusivism, Pluralism, and Inclusivism), Knitter suggests four different models (Replacement, Fulfillment, Mutuality, and Acceptance) that more adequately link together thirteen ways of approaching and understanding the variety of the world's religious expressions.

Editorial Reviews

"This introduction crisply outlines the players and the issues in the theology of religions.  It is a triumph of intellectual empathy: it treats the variety of Christian views of religious diversity with the courtesy and grace Knitter has done so much to foster in interfaith dialogue." --Mark Heim, author, Salvations

"In characteristically eirenic and accessible style Paul Knitter has given us a masterly summary of the main trends in Christian Theology of Religions debate.  Clear-sighted an sharp in its analysis, he teases out where the friction of different views generates the best creative disagreement.  This is a book to read before all others in the field." --Alan Race, author, Interfaith Encounter

About the Author

Paul F. Knitter (1962-2016) was professor emeritus of theology at Xavier University in Cincinnati, Ohio from 1975-2002.  In 1986-2004 he was on the Board of Directors for CRISPAZ (Christians for Peace in El Salvador).  He is on the Board of International Interreligious Peace Council. He joined the Union Theological Seminary in 2007 and was named Paul Tillich Professor of Theology, World Religions and Culture in 2008.  He is author of One Earth Many Religions, Jesus and the Other Names, and No Other Name?