Pain and Providence

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Very Good
Hardcover, 131 pages
Palm Publishers, 1966
First Edition

This is a book for those of us who want to be the authors of our own lives, to put some sense into them and see some pattern in our existence.  This is most difficult at the point when pain and suffering, frustration, injustice, cruelty and all the other forms of evil not only plague us but seem to dominate the world at large.

How to reconcile pain with providence (how, indeed, to see providence working through pain) is the lesson of a lifetime, the secret of christian wisdom--and the gift of this book.

Fr. Boros has previously dealt with the mystery of death at the highest levels of philosophy and theology.  His work has been called a breakthrough at the storm-centre of modern theology.  In the deeply moving meditations in Pain and Providence he shows us how to integrate our experience of the two by writing about familiar concepts simply and perceptively.

Translated by Edward Quinn

About the Author

Ladislaus Boros (1927- 1981) was a Catholic theologian and a Jesuit until 1973. After his escape from communist Hungary in 1949, Boros studied philosophy and theology at various European Jesuit universities. In 1954 he received his doctorate in philosophy in Munich with a thesis on The Problem of Temporality in Augustine's. He was ordained a priest in Enghien (Belgium) in 1957 and worked for the Jesuit magazine Orientation in Zurich from 1958 to 1973 . From 1963 he had a teaching position for religious studies at the theological faculty in Innsbruck.  After resigning from the Jesuit order in 1973 and getting married, he spent the last years of his life, marked by illness, as a freelance writer near Zug.