Plato for Pleasure

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Very Good - Clean wraps and a firm binding, with no reading creases. A few pages exhibit limited, sparse underlining of a few words. Otherwise, all pages are clean, crisp, and unmarked.
Mass Paperback, 143 pages
Fawcett Publications, 1963
First Printing

Plato for Pleasure is a captivating exploration of the philosophy of Plato, presented in an accessible and engaging manner. Through clear and concise writing, Fox delves into Plato's key ideas and dialogues, offering readers an insightful journey into the world of ancient Greek philosophy. From Plato's theory of forms to his views on justice, love, and the nature of reality, Fox provides a thoughtful and enjoyable introduction to one of history's greatest thinkers. This book is perfect for both newcomers to philosophy and seasoned enthusiasts looking to deepen their understanding of Plato's enduring legacy.

About the Author

Adam Fox (1883–1977) was a renowned British author celebrated for his insightful writings on philosophy and literature, notably his accessible exploration of Plato's teachings in Plato for Pleasure (1937). Throughout his career, Fox demonstrated a keen interest in classical philosophy and literature, offering timeless insights that continue to resonate with readers. His contributions spanned various genres, establishing him as a revered figure in both literary and philosophical circles.