The Alchemist (25th Anniversary Edition)

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Trade Paperback, 182 pages
HarperOne, 2014
HarperCollins 25th Anniversary Edition, Twenty-seventh Printing

"To realize one's destiny is a person's only obligation." —From The Alchemist

The 25th Anniversary Edition of The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho celebrates the enduring journey of Santiago, a young Andalusian shepherd boy who embarks on a quest to fulfill his personal legend and discover hidden treasure in Egypt. Along the way, Santiago encounters a series of characters who offer him valuable insights and lessons, including an old king, a crystal merchant, and an alchemist. Through his travels across the desert and encounters with both challenges and opportunities, Santiago learns to listen to his heart, follow his dreams, and recognize the signs that guide him toward his destiny. Filled with themes of self-discovery, spirituality, and the pursuit of one's dreams, this anniversary edition of The Alchemist continues to inspire readers worldwide with its timeless wisdom and universal truths.

Translated by Alan R. Clarke

Editorial Reviews

"The Alchemist [is] a comic, richly symbolic tale" —Publishers Weekly

"[A]n adventure story with a spiritual quest at its heart." —Booklist

About the Author

Paulo Coelho, a Brazilian author born in 1947, is celebrated for his profound storytelling and philosophical insights. He began his career as a lyricist and writer, eventually gaining international acclaim for his novels. Coelho's works often explore themes of spirituality, self-discovery, and the pursuit of one's personal legend. His most famous novel, The Alchemist, has been translated into numerous languages and has sold millions of copies worldwide, solidifying Coelho's reputation as one of the most influential authors of contemporary literature. With a diverse body of work that includes novels, essays, and memoirs, Coelho continues to captivate readers with his evocative prose and thought-provoking narratives.