The Confession

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Paperback, 218 pages
Dorchester Publishing Co., Inc., 2004
First Hard Case Crime Edition, 2004

She Was Young...Beautiful...and DEAD!

Jake Danser has it all: a beautiful wife, a house in the California hills, a high-profile job as a forensic psychologist.  But he’s also got a mistress.  And when she's found strangled to death with his necktie, the police show up at his door.  Now it’s up to Jake to prove he didn’t do it.  But how can he, when all the evidence says he did? 

As Jake's life crumbles around him, he races to find proof of his innocence.  And with every step, the noose is tightening...

Winner of an Edgar Award! From the author of The Last Days of Il Duce and Manifesto for the Dead, The Confession is a new noir masterpiece in the chilling tradition of Cornell Woolrich and Patricia Highsmith.

Editorial Reviews

"Stansberry does it with originality." --The New York Times

"Compelling and incredibly dark." --Publishers Weekly

About the Author

Domenic Stansberry has been nominated three times for the Edgar Allan Poe Award and received the Edgar for his Hard Case Crime novel The Confession.  He received his earlier nominations for The Spoiler and The Last Days of Il Duce (also nominated for the Hammett Prize). His other novels include Manifesto For the Dead, an evocative look at the latter days of pulp writer Jim Thompson.