The Conquest of Gaul

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Paperback, 263 pages
The Penguin Group, 1982
Revised Penguin Classics Edition, Twenty-eighth Printing

Between 58 and 50 BC Caesar conquered most of the area now covered by France, Belgium and Switzerland, and twice invaded Britain. This is the record of his campaigns. Caesar's narrative offers insights into his military strategy & paints a fascinating picture of his encounters with the inhabitant of Gaul and Britain, as well as offering lively portraits of a number of key characters such as the rebel leaders and Gallic chieftains. This can also be read as a piece of political propaganda, as Caesar sets down his version of events for the Roman public, knowing that he faces civil war on his return to Rome.

Revised and updated by Jane Gardner, S.A. Handford's translation brings Caesar's lucid and exciting account to life for modern readers.  This volume includes a glossary of persons and places, maps, appendices and suggestions for further reading.

Translated by S.A. Hanford

Revised with an Introduction by Jane F. Gardner

About the Author

Gaius Julius Caesar was born in 100 BC into an ancient patrician family. Much of his life was spent on military campaigns, & he returned to govern Rome as dictator. His dictatorship was declared perpetual in 44 BC, but his many bitter enemies hatched a conspiracy & assasinated him later that year.

S. Handford translated a number of authors for Penguin, including Sallust and Aesop.