The Heathens: Primitive Man and His Religions

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Very Good
Mass Paperback, 302 pages
Doubleday and Company, Inc., 1962
First Natural History Edition

The Heathens: Primitive Man and His Religions is a comprehensive exploration of the religious beliefs and practices of early human civilizations. It critically explores the rituals, myths, and spiritual traditions of various ancient cultures, offering insights into how these societies perceived and interacted with the divine. Through archaeological evidence, historical accounts, and anthropological studies, the book examines the role of religion in shaping early human societies and how these beliefs evolved over time. From the worship of natural forces to the development of complex pantheons, The Heathens provides a fascinating glimpse into the spiritual world of our ancestors.

Illustrated with Photographs

Foreword by Colin M. Turnbull

Editorial Review(s)

" excellent job." —The New Yorker

About the Author

William White Howells (1908–2005) was an American anthropologist renowned for his work in physical anthropology and archaeology. Born in Illinois, Howells made significant contributions to the understanding of human evolution and variation, particularly through his research on cranial morphology and population genetics. He conducted extensive fieldwork across the globe, studying human populations and their biological diversity. Howells' meticulous analyses and groundbreaking research laid the foundation for modern understandings of human evolution and migration patterns, making him a pivotal figure in the field of anthropology.