The Iowa Baseball Confederacy

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Paperback, 310 pages
Mariner Books, 2003
First Mariner Books Edition, First Printing

Bearing W.P. Kinsella's trademark combination of "sweet-natured prose and a richly imagined world" (Philadelphia Inquirer), The Iowa Baseball Confederacy tells the story of Gideon Clark, a man on a quest. He is out to prove to the world that the indomitable Chicago Cubs traveled to Iowa in the summer of 1908 for an exhibition game against an amateur league, the Iowa Baseball Confederacy. But a simple game somehow turned into a titanic battle of more than two thousand innings, and Gideon Clark struggles to set the record straight on this infamous game that no one else believes ever happened.

Editorial Review(s)

"Like magic...[The Iowa Baseball Confederacy] holds together and entices you from one page to the next, until at the end you ache for more." --Milwaukee Journal

"A riveting mystery with a host of fascinating characters, a first-rate ghost story...Kinsella has another hit on his hands." --Detroit Press

"Much more than a baseball book...[this novel] captures Kinsella's love of baseball, his appreciation for its infinite dreams, and its glorious possibilities." --Seattle Times

About the Author

W. P. Kinsella (1935-2016) was the author of numerous works of fiction, including the best-selling Shoeless Joe, for which he won the Houghton Mifflin Literary Fellowship, The Iowa Baseball Confederacy, and eleven highly acclaimed short story collections.