The Man in Lower Ten

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Very Good
Paperback, 193 pages
Barnes & Noble, Inc., 2010
First Barnes & Noble Essential Reading Edition, First Printing
The Man in Lower Ten (serialized in magazines in 1906) was published as a novel in 1910, and immediately rose to number four on the best-seller list. Combining murder, mystery, and romance, Rinehart's celebrated novel is sure to keep readers in delightful suspense.
In order to pick up legal papers in another city, a young lawyer, Lawrence Blakely, must travel from Pittsburgh to Baltimore on what he expects to be an uneventful train ride. However the trip quickly becomes anything but boring: Blakely's papers are stolen, and his car bunk "lower ten" is occupied by a dead body. But that's not all Blakely finds himself in the middle of. He also grapples with a deadly train wreck, a ghostly haunting, and a sexy yet possibly dangerous love interest.
With an Introduciton by Clea Simon

About the Author

With her own uniquely American style, Mary Roberts Rinehart (1876-1858) captivated many American readers during the first half of the twentieth century. Publishing stores became Rinehart's way out of the hardships that plagued her life. Her light-hearted, yet frightening and romantic mysteries defined her career.