The Portrait of a Lady

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Very Good
Trade Paperback, 634 pages
Oxford University Press, 1998
Oxford World's Classics Paperback Reissue, First Printing

Book Blurb

When Isabel Archer, a young American with looks, wit, and imagination, arrives in Europe, she sees the world as "a place of brightness," full of possibility. Rejecting suitors who offer her wealth and devotion, she follows her own path and finds it leads to a dark and constricted future.
The Portrait of a Lady is the masterpiece of James's middle period, and Isabel is his most engaging central character. This edition provides a new introduction and notes, and includes Henry James's own Preface.
Edited with an Introduction and Notes by Nicola Bradbury
Editorial Review(s)
"Excellent and responsible editing of a crucial text in American literature." —E.N. Feltskog, University of Wisconsin
About the Author
American author Henry James (1843–1916) spent most of his career in Europe and ultimately adopted British citizenship. A prolific writer of criticism, biography, and travel-related books and articles, James is known above all for his highly influential novels, which frequently explore the clash of Old and New World cultures.