The War of the Worlds

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Moderately worn wraps along the edges and spine with a few chips and tears. Firm binding. No reading crease. All pages are clean and unmarked.
Mass Paperback, 285 pages
Scholastic Book Services, 1974
First Edition, Sixth Printing

H.G. Wells' The War of the Worlds is a classic science fiction novel that tells the gripping story of a Martian invasion of Earth. The narrative follows an unnamed protagonist as he witnesses the arrival of Martian spacecraft and the subsequent devastation caused by advanced alien technology. As humanity struggles to survive against these seemingly invincible invaders, themes of survival, human resilience, and the frailty of civilization are explored. This timeless tale of extraterrestrial conflict and human endurance remains a seminal work in the science fiction genre.

About the Author

H.G. Wells was a prolific writer born in Kent in 1866. He was nominated for the Nobel Prize in Literature no fewer than four times. He was passionate about politics as well as literature and his output included several nonfiction pieces to go with his array of short stories and novels.