Women in Love

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Very Good - Trimmed edge to front cover. All pages are clean and unmarked.
Paperback, 596 pages
The Penguin Group, 1987
Penguin Classics Reprint Edition

Book Blurb

The Brangwen sisters are now teachers in Beldover, a small town dominated by the great colliery that seems to express the full dehumanizing ugliness of industrialization. Here Ursula falls in love with Birkin, in some way s a self-portrait of Lawrence, while Gudrun has a tragic and demonic affair with Gerald, son of the colliery owner. 

Edited with an Introduction and Notes by Charles Ross

Editorial Review(s)

"His masterpiece....An astonishing work that moves on several levels....Lawrence compels us to admit that we live less finely than we should, whatever we are." —The New York Review of Books

About the Author

David Herbert Lawrence was born into a miner's family in Eastwood, Nottinghamshire in 1885. His first novel, The White Peacock, was published in 1911, a few weeks after the death of his mother to whom he had been extraordinarily close. Lawrence lived abroad with his wife for many years. He died in the South of France, aged 44. His works include Sons and Lovers, The Rainbow and Lady Chatterley's Lover.