Psychology and the Real World

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Paperback, 270 pages
Worth Publishers, 2011
First Edition, First Printing

Psychology and the Real World: Essays Illustrating Fundamental Contributions to Society is a collection of brief, personal, original essays, ranging in length from 2500 to 3500 words, in which leading academic psychologists describe what their area of research has contributed to society. The authors are true stars in the field of psychology. Some of their work (for example, Elizabeth Loftus’s studies of false memories, Paul Ekman’s research on facial expression, and Eliot Aronson’s “jigsaw,” or cooperative, classroom studies) is well known to the public. The research of others is less familiar to nonspecialists, but no less fascinating. The book is unique the world of textbook ancillaries in that it does not reprint writings. Rather, innovative psychological scientists clearly and entertainingly tell readers why their research matters and how their line of inquiry developed.
The concept for the book came from the FABBS Foundation, a nonprofit educational foundation that supports the work of 22 scholarly societies that span the cognitive, psychological, behavioral, and brain sciences.

The authors have volunteered their contributions. These authors have agreed that all grants, advances, and royalties and other financial earnings from this volume will go to the FABBS Foundation to support their educational mission.
Forward by Malcolm Gladwell
Edited by: Morton Ann Gernsbacher, Richard W. Pew, Leaetta M. Hough, and James R. Pomerantz