Whole Health for Happy Cats: A Guide to Keeping your Cat Naturally Healthy, Happy, and Well-fed

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Very Good
Paperback, 184 pages
Quarry Books, 2006
First Edition, Third Printing

If it were a simple choice, many people would choose to treat and care for their pets with natural therapies. Unfortunately, most cat care-givers find the expectations and requirements of natural pet health care fairly imposing and outside their reality in regards to cat care. Unlike the other resources on the subject, Whole Health for Happy Cats provides readers with the basic information to enable them to ask the right questions as well as find the right answers for their cat and their lifestyle. Although the book's approach is organic, it also presents well-documented health facts and research so that cat owners can make the very best decisions for their cat's lifelong health and well-being. Subjects include basic care and supplies, choosing a health care professional, understanding and implementing natural remedies, understanding the issues related to traditional veterinary care, and relationships with other animals.

Foreword by Regina Schwabe, DVM

About the Author

Sandy Arora has devoted the last eight years to helping people feed their cats a species-appropriate diet, and treat their cats' health using gentle holistic means. Through her Holisticat mailing list on yahoo and website, she has counseled hundreds of cat caregivers, and continues to give freely of her time. She resides in Virginia.

Regina Schwabe, DVM, is a practicing veterinarian with a special interest in holistic therapy, including nutrition.